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Gemechis Bizuayehu

አዲስ አበባ

የኢሜይል አድራሻ: g*******@g*****.com ተረጋግጧል
የሞባይል ስልክ ቁጥር: +251*******46 ተረጋግጧል

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ስለ እኔ
የትምሕርት ደረጃ
ዕድሜ 37
ፆታ Male
ይናገራል አማርኛ English Afaan Oromoo
ክህሎቶች (ችሎታዎች)
ፖርትፎሊዮ እና ድጋፍ ሰጪ ሰነዶች

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Mr. Gemechis is a skilled professional engineer, program manager, sociologist, and has a wealth of above12 years' experience in program design and operations management. He exemplifies the great values of integrity, professionalism, adherence to humanitarian principles, and consideration for gender, diversity, age, disability, and other cross-cutting issues. The development of numerous grant applications and proposals, budgeting, logistics, security risk management, team motivation, coordination, monitoring, and assessment are all areas in which Mr. Gemechis has a great deal of experience. Mr. Gemechis has proved his experience in planning and reporting either independently or as part of a team with a well-organized, results-based management style, due concern for fulfilling deadlines and quality standards, and strong verbal and written report presentation skills. Mr. Gemechis possesses the necessary technical expertise, leadership and management abilities, as well as priceless trainings, to perform at the pertinent technical, managerial, advising, consulting, and coordinating career levels.